27th August 2019

Surrey residents raise concerns about social housing developments

Surrey residents are raising concerns about a number of social housing developments being built in Guildford and Whalley. They say existing complexes have caused a spike […]
27th August 2019

Tree removal in Weybridge part of £2.9m cycle and pedestrian path scheme

Work to remove trees along a busy Weybridge road is part of a £2.9 million scheme to provide pedestrian and cycle links from Brooklands to the […]
27th August 2019

Incentives for First-Time Buyers: Why You Should Keep Your Eyes off the Prize

For a first-time buyer struggling to afford a home, the offer of someone else paying your mortgage for a year is enticing. This is what Millwood […]
2nd August 2018

Builders working in the hot sun beat a no-shorts rule by turning up in frocks and skirts

Builders banned from wearing shorts use gender-equality laws to wear skirts instead But they realised they could beat the ruling under gender equality regulations, so all […]