Tree removal in Weybridge part of £2.9m cycle and pedestrian path scheme

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Work to remove trees along a busy Weybridge road is part of a £2.9 million scheme to provide pedestrian and cycle links from Brooklands to the town centre.

Surrey County Council (SCC) is undertaking the Brooklands Business Park Accessibility Project in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council.

More than £2.1 million of funding for the £2,896,000 scheme has been secured from Enterprise M3, a public/private partnership set up to support economic growth.

On Monday (August 5) landscape teams started working in Heath Road, between Weybridge railway station and Brooklands Lane, to remove trees and shrubbery along the route. An area of around 1,930 square metres – more than 20,700 square foot or around a quarter of a football pitch – of common land will be cleared. SSC says the work could last up to two weeks.

The aim is to build a maximum 3.8 metre wide pedestrian and cycle path along Heath Road as part of a scheme to link Brooklands industrial park to the centre of Weybridge.

SCC says: “The scheme is particularly aimed at improving travel choice and sustainable transport accessibility. It will make travel options more inclusive and help reduce the reliance on travelling by car in the area.

“The scheme, which is being developed in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council, aims to support Brooklands as an attractive location for businesses to be based.”

The planning inspectorate approved the Heath Road works in July last year, saying the pedestrian/cycle path will be a “benefit to the neighbourhood”.

The inspector added: “As regards the interests of the public, whilst there may be some impact on nature conservation arising from the loss of some trees and vegetation there is nothing to indicate that any adverse effects are significant.

“Any adverse effect on the landscape will also not be significant. None of the other relevant matters lead me to conclude that the works should not take place.”

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