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3rd November 2017

Build to the consent

You can start building once you have your building consent, any other required consents or approvals and have agreed contracts with your building professionals. You will […]
1st November 2017

Apply for building consent in Surrey

You can’t usually start any physical work until you have building consent (unless your work is exempt or there is an emergency), so make a good […]
30th October 2017

Planning a successful build

If you’re building or renovating, find out how to meet your legal obligations as a homeowner, owner-builder or building professional. Once you’ve scoped your project thoroughly, […]
17th October 2017

Fall in love with dark kitchen cabinets

Although I love white gloss kitchens (they’re so practical) I’m very excited to see that dark kitchens that are going to be big for 2016! Painting […]
14th October 2017

The 10 Commandments of Kitchen Renovation

1. Cook in the kitchen and understand your workflow before making changes. Don’t rush into the renovation process. If possible, wait and use your kitchen in […]
20th September 2017

Natural Stone Walls and your Landscaping

Natural stone walls can add a stunning landscape accent and functional use to a landscape design on many residential and commercial properties. Depending upon your personal preference and […]
20th September 2017

5 Best Options for Fall Lawn Renovation

When is the ideal time for lawn renovation and seeding? If you answered Fall, you are correct! Although we may get more excited than most about this […]
1st July 2017


High-quality education isn’t simply restricted to the classroom; indeed, indoor learning alone is ultimately insufficient to fully engage a child’s innate curiosity and imagination. Like many […]
1st July 2017


While appearance and functionality are priorities when landscaping your yard or business, eco-friendly methods are increasingly important considerations. From conserving water to reducing pollution, going green […]
8th May 2014

Story of a Landscape: Campus Landscape Impacts Students Stress Levels

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